Gentili clienti tutti gli ordini ricevuti dopo il 21 Aprile 2024 verranno gestiti a partire dal 6 Maggio, saremo chiusi per trasloco e EVO JAPAN
Dear Customers, all the orders received after 21th of April will be handled from 6th of May, will be closed for moving our warehouse and EVO JAPAN

save your games

was born from the passion for collecting and playing video games for consoles and arcades.

Our mission is to give you the possibility to preserve your games and at the same time display them in an orderly and easily cleanable way, avoiding them ending up locked in cabinets or piled up in cramped drawers.

For more than 40 years we have been working in the field of paper converting which has allowed us to gather a great deal of experience on the materials and processing techniques of the products we make with care.

The cases we produce are cut with a die-cutting plate, then folded and glued by hand with a high-strength double-sided tape.

We try to cover all the needs reported by customers by creating protective and sturdy cases for a wide range of console and arcade games of the past and where possible also for the most recent ones.

What are you waiting for? Save your games!