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Instructions:  CPS1_Multi_Guide_v1.4

It works on every Short Version CPS1 Mainboard

Every CPS1 games and CPS1.5 games works with this awesome multi


The long awaited Darksoft CPS1 Multi is available for Pre-Order!

This multi is the result of years of work and we’re sure it won’t disappoint. It supports not only the full library of CPS-1 game, but also all CPS-1.5 QSound games!

Every CPS-1.5 QSound game works on this Multi just like original hardware!

This is a perfect kit to run any trainers, modified versions, create or develop new games or just to have fun! Here’s some key info on the Multi:

• It works with Flash memory, similar to the CPS-2 cartridge. Whatever is loaded onto memory will stay there until a new game is written, or a change is made.

• It has been tested with all official CPS-1 and CPS-1.5 QSound games and works flawlessly!

• In order to change the content of the flash chips you need to use the LCD selector provided in the kit that connects to the main Multi PCB. This selector will help you choose games on the microSD card and load them onto the multi.

• The heart of the Multi is a PCB that completely replaces your existing B-Board. Check the instructions for more information regarding installation.

• In order to insert/remove the Multi, please grab it gently from the sides and avoid pulling or pushing from the middle or placing any unneeded stress on any of the components/board. This is a big PCB with lots of parts so it should be handled very gently.

• If you don’t feel comfortable with electronics, soldering or with installation, ask someone who is more skilled for help!

• Games are stored on a microSD card inserted in the slot on the Multi. The microSD can be inserted or removed at any time except during a game loading or a firmware update.

• There is a trim pot close to the microSD slot that regulates the contrast of the LCD screen. There is another trim pot close to the RCA output that regulates the volume of QSound games over JAMMA output. To regulate the volume of CPS-1 games, use the pot on your A Board.

• It’s recommended to discharge your body touching ground before handling this Multi as you’d do when handling any other arcade PCBs.

• If there are any issues whatsoever with your multi or something is not working properly for you, please visit the forums and contribute to the official “CPS-1 Multi Troubleshooting” thread for assistance. Please give as much information as possible, and don’t just post “IT DOESN’T WORK”. This Multi has gone through exhaustive testing and all failures/issues found have been fixed/removed.

• If for any reason this multi is faulty because of manufacturing defect, please contact us and we’ll do whatever is necessary to fix or replace it.

Now stop reading and go get yours!!!

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