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Darksoft New MULTI STV V2

429,00469,00 IVA inclusa

* This new version called Dark Knight Edition, fits in the 4 connectors on the  motherboard instead of the regular game cartridge. This provides more stability and gave us more space to introduce new functionalities.
* As with any other multis, you can select the game with the LCD, but with this new version you can change the flashed gamed either with the LCD provided with every kit or you can use the new OLED selector! The selector comes as an option and allows for you to surf among pictures instead of game names. It works in parallel with the LCD so you can have both working at the same time! The function as usual is to select the game from the microSD and load it to the cart.
* The most amazing feature is that it now supports plugging a Sound PCB so you will be able to enjoy the amazing sound for Batman and other games!
And bullet point about sound cable for this one:
* With this version there is no need to purchased a sound kit, it’s already integrated. Thanks to this, you will hear the sounds for start and end of programming a game, directly from the same speakers where normal game sound comes from.
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