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PS5 Plus Fighting board

69,90 IVA inclusa

Customized for PS5 fighting games, this board offers compatibility with a variety of gaming platforms, including PS4, PS3, Switch, and PC. It features ultra-low latency speed, delivering an unparalleled response time for an unmatched gaming experience.

P5 PLUS incorporates the most advanced technology, making it the fastest in the market with an average response time of 0.71ms. It’s 150 times faster than the speed of human blinking.

Its extremely low latency and lightning-fast response time make you unbeatable on the battlefield! Every move will strike at the critical points, allowing you to dominate the entire battle!

No need for welding, just plug in the connectors, and you can enter the realm of the ultimate gaming experience.

Unleash your skills, pick up P5 PLUS, and quickly and painlessly build your dream system.

Introducing four SOCD modes, empowering you to navigate the gaming world effortlessly and seize every opportunity. Effortlessly switch between different modes, seamlessly adapting to various gaming scenarios, whether it’s intense battles or showcasing your skills. Experience optimal performance tailored to your preferences.

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